I started playing guitar at the age of 10 as a boy scout. I played tramp songs, folk and bluegrass. Since the beginning of my guitar career I have been composing my own songs and writing lyrics. I’ve always enjoyed creating and experimenting. In 2005 I was blown away by the sound of electric guitar.I realised that guitar doesn’t need to be only an accompanying instrument. Back then my very first band „Famozni praskaci do bot“ was established in Hodonin, followed by „Scrap Company“ (blues-rock) in 2008. In 2009 I founded band called „Discosaurus“ (funk-pop) and started teaching guitar in Brno. Up until now, I have been lucky enough to teach dozens of enthusiastic guitarists. Currently I play in an instrumental quartet „fuARTet“ and an improvisational body „TBC“. Nowadays we have the group called Fuartet – it means style fusion quartet > fuartet.cz.

Guitar lectures

My goal is to prepare taylor made lessons. My focus is on a development of musicality and a musical intelligence. You will not be overwhelmed by a musical theory, we will play the guitar. The most important aspect is to keep and maintain the joy and passion for playing. There is no age limit and my lessons are suitable for players on all levels, from beginners to advanced musicians.

You can choose from following styles: folk, bluegrass, country, pop, blues, funk, jazz, rock. I regularly organise group sessions, jam sessions with band, workshops and seminars for my students and general public.

Are you looking for a sound engineer (5kW sound system, line recording, video recording), promoter? Do you need advice about picking up right type of guitar?

Application for lessons